Monday, August 15, 2011

Ellie's First Beach Day

What a great weekend we all had.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  We decided to head up to Palm Beach, initially just for the night, but we ended up staying the entire weekend.  On Sunday, we took Ellie to the beach. 

Ellie and Uncle Luke
She's been to the beach a handful of times, but this was pretty much before she could walk.  She'd tag along with us in her carseat.  But this time was a blast.  She was a little afraid of the tide at first- when it would wash ashore on her little feet, but she is fearless!  In no time she was splashing around like she was born to be in the ocean.  It was so sweet.  Uncle Luke says he's going to teach her to surf, and when that time comes- I have no doubt she'll love it.  She's not much for getting messy, though.  When the sand would get on her hands she'd make a little scowl on her face and hold out her hands.  She really is a hoot.

Alexa stayed behind.  Gigi and Pawpaw (Marshall's grandparents) watched her for us while we went.  It is so funny the way you change when you have your second child.  We always toted Ellie along wherever we went, having someone else watch her wasn't really an option for us.  I was like a mama hawk and there was no way I was letting my little Ellie out of my sight.  Now, we have no problems asking someone to watch over them while we do this or that.  Not that Gigi or Pawpaw mind.  I know they love spending time with our girls and we are grateful for that!

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