Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ellie's 1st Birthday

I know that her birthday was in May, but I really wanted to show it on my blog.  I know first birthday's are more for the parents than the actual child and this birthday was no exception.  I wanted to really celebrate her first year and go all out.  I wanted to celebrate her life, the love she has given us, and the fact that she appears to be doing very well.  Although it is too early to tell what permanent damage she has suffered for having me as her mom.  :-)

The dessert table
We went with an owl theme.  I did a lot of the projects myself.  I had so many more ideas, but like I said in my first post, I lack execution- so we had what we had!  I made the banners and the topiary that was on the dessert table as well as her high chair banner that we ended up placing behind the high chair.

It says "I am 1"

Ellie's little birthday outfit was so stinkin' sweet.  I ordered the cutest onesie, hairbow, and personalized owl bloomers from Bella Claire Baby and I made her tutu myself!

I tried to make her smash cake all by myself.  Lord knows I tried, but I failed!  I can't ice a cake worth a damn!  So off to Publix I went with photos of my idea and they made it happen.
Ellie's smash cake
 Needless to say she enjoyed her party!!

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