Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4 months!

I can't even believe that the first 4 months have already passed!  Alexa has, um- how shall we put it, quite the personality.  She is such a sweetheart, but make no mistake, she is the boss.  Just ask her, she'll tell you!  
Hey- I said no photos!

If you insist...
 She loves to cuddle, smile and coo.  She is friendly and fun but she still is a little mystery.  From the color of her eyes, to her likes and dislikes- it all seems to vary depending on the day.  I'm enjoying the surprises she brings!

This duo cracks me up!
Ellie is absolutely fantastic with her.  You can really tell she enjoys being the big sister.  I'm not sure how she'll take to being bossed, but she's a laid back kinda kid.  Plus, I really do believe that the younger siblings are ALWAYS bossy.  Mine was!  (Sorry, Adrienne- you know you were!)
Meanwhile, Princess Ellie is coming into her own.  She is quite the girlie girl, and I am surprised to say that I am absolutely loving every minute of it!  If I'm being completely honest, I always thought of myself as a mama who would have sons.  Being a mama to two girls has probably been the best gift God has ever given me.  If I knew how much fun they'd be or how much I would truly enjoy them, I would have saved myself the anxiety that I had when we learned their genders  Who knows, maybe I'm more of a girlie girl than I ever thought!  Not necessarily a bad thing...

She made me put every bow on her head!

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  1. Precious girls! I totally thought I would have two boys too! It's funny that we ended up with girls. We have many crazy adventures (and drama) ahead of us for sure.